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stamping, embossing

In 1995, we were among the first in Ukraine to master the technology of hot foil stamping for production of labels. For that purpose we designed and constructed equipment on the base of a letterpress machine – it was entirely an in-house project. At that time, it allowed us to draw the attention of many producers of alcoholic beverages, in particular wines and cognacs.

Since then, we have significantly evolved in this direction, acquired a fleet of four machines that employ different stamping techniques, and opened a cliché manufacturing section.

In 1999, we obtained a patent license for the pseudo-hologram stamping method developed by our company.
The vast majority of labels for strong alcoholic beverages and wines are traditionally manufactured using additional post-printing processing. Beside to hot stamping, it may include embossing (i.e. relief stamping) and stamping with various kinds of stamping foil, including hologram. We have mastered to perfection the techniques required to produce this type of labels.

Despite the extensive opportunities for combining different post-printing techniques directly in the process of web-fed printing, we decided to additionally equip our flexographic printing department with machines for hot and relief stamping and die cutting. Bringing certain processing operations out onto separate equipment helps in many cases to reduce the cost of label production. The two-section Cartes machines can simultaneously perform two types of foil stamping, or combine hot stamping with relief embossing or die cutting. Besides, these machines are used to apply holograms with mark-oriented positioning.