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Let one be our highest goal:
speak like we feel and live like we say.

Our success has been driven by a professional team united by common goals and principles of business, the most important of which being focusing on customer needs and making only achievable commitments.

We have always sought to meet our partners’ requirements. In 1996, production of labels became a key business for Folio Plus. Label production is a strategic direction for us and takes over 80% of our total output. Our customers are the largest food industry companies in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries.

Our advertising & POS materials, souvenir packagingtakearound10% of our total output.

The business of Folio Plus is inseparably linked with production cycles of many companies; therefore the most important thing in our work is to be attentive to the interests of our partners, to facilitate development of their businesses, and to create a favourable business climate.

We have put together our equipment fleet and mastered technologies so as to meet not only current but also anticipated market needs, and we are truly happy when our predictions prove to be correct and our activities help our partners to implement their projects.

In 2007, we launched production of adhesive labels. The high level of quality maintained for offset printing jobs has been upheld for flexographic production, too. This enabled us to not only follow the market changes and remain a reliable partner for our customers but also master new productions methods.

Our existing production structure allows fulfilling complex orders and makes the process of placing and coordinating orders simpler for our customers.

With various technologies at hand, we offer the most expressive and yet the most economically advantageous option.

  • Production area of ​​over 11,000 sq.m.
  • Planned 24/7 production;
  • Reliable equipment only by well-proven world brands;
  • Flexibility in execution of orders using offset, flexographic and screen printing technologies;
  • Ample opportunities for post-printing product processing, including hot and relief stamping, UV coating, die cutting, gluing, backing and many other options;
  • On-the-fly manufacturing of die-cutting clichés, hot stamping clichés and other accessories;
  • Own research laboratory, which controls the production process at each stage;
  • Advanced research targeted at implementing the latest technologies and using the newest materials in the production;
  • Quality management confirmed by international certificate ISO 9001-2015